Poinsettia Ball Junior Debutantes

Junior Debutantes 2021

Miss Emily Elizabeth Avis

Miss Virginia Grace Cochran

Miss Avery Marie Creel

Miss Nina Catherine DiGiorgio

Miss Marie DeLeisseline Duncan

Miss Riley Marie Early

Miss Merritt Elizabeth Flynn

Miss Ella McKee Harper

Miss Amelia Lanier Hawk

Miss Laura Ellen Hayes

Miss Emma Catherine Kerby

Miss Anna Spencer Lawley

Miss Lillian Harman Lowery

Miss Mary Alexandra Maluff

Miss Katherine Adriana Morros

Miss Eleanor Russ Petrey

Miss Anna Elizabeth Ridgway

Miss Mary Lansley Schick

Miss Sara Frances Steadman

Miss Sophie Mae Talbert

Miss Anna Catherine Tanner

Miss Ashby Clark Thomas

Miss Catherine Elizabeth Whitcomb

Miss Reilly Elizabeth Williamson

Prospective Junior Debutantes

Young lades eligible must be the daughters of Ballet Women's Committee or Poinsettia Men's Club members who are in good standing. They are also to be of outstanding moral character. She is to be a rising senior in high school when she in nominated and will be presented at the ball before the Debutantes during her senior year.

Nominations for the 2021 Junior Debutantes can be submitted through this form: