Poinsettia Ball Junior Debutantes

Junior Debutantes 2022

Laura Grace Bullock

Elizabeth Ann Burton

Caroline Marie Chandler

Karrington Reed Channell

Kendall Blaire Channell

Molly Alice Coleman

Nancy Caroline Collums

Kathleen Virginia Culbertson

Georgia Campbell Johnston

Ivy Elizabeth Morin

Ella Kathryn Reed

Abigail Catherine Saia

Sylvia Christine Smith

Laura Cavan Meadows Smith

Lynley Freeman Threadcraft

Emma Grace Walters

Charlotte Tucker Wambsganss

Prospective Junior Debutantes

Young lades eligible must be the daughters of Ballet Women's Committee or Poinsettia Men's Club members who are in good standing. They are also to be of outstanding moral character. She is to be a rising senior in high school when she in nominated and will be presented at the ball before the Debutantes during her senior year.

Nominations for the 2021 Junior Debutantes can be submitted through this form: